Sunday, February 16, 2020



     Personal life in the course of an individuals life, especially when viewed in sum of personal chances contributing to one’s personal identity. 
    Life is beautiful to the smallest detail. If we formulate our own meaning of life on a positive level, we get to fully enjoy any life experience. Life is not about praying for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.Life is most beautiful in challenges because there will be an end. The end of challenges well handled is beauty .
     You should  see joy while carry your  cross and so your strength is renewed to carry on. Suddenly the pain turns to gain. You should see nothing wrong in set backs because its helps you to jump higher and better. Believe that every new step you take brings opportunities and greatness closer to you .
How ever, life can be seen from different angels. The darkest part of life is the desert part, so when the challenge or tide gets tougher, the miracle gets closer. Life is season, a period, it comes and goes.
Life is not death, life is impact. You should see life as the number of impact you are able to make; the impressions (positive impression) you leave behind as you move to the great beyond.
you impact your living When you are the solution, you are living,When you change a life, you are living,When you succeed in putting smile on people’s face, that’s life!!  When you give hope to the hopeless , that is life. 
Finally life is God and God is life.
                                                    © Edeh .N. Collins.   

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